Distribute large files and media clips from your website without paying for the servers and bandwidth to deliver the data. Red Swoosh's P2P grid technology allows you to deliver bandwidth intensive files and sites without the bandwidth!

Swooshed Links Basics:

  • Users who click on links will automatically pull the content from other users' idle PCs instead of from servers.
  • Avoid nasty, bloated bandwidth bills while providing unlimited file and video downloads to your users.
  • 100% FREE, no registration required, just swoosh your links!

Swoosh your links in two easy steps:

  • Add Swoosh text to the front of your URLs.
  • Replace old URLs with new Swooshed URLs on your site.

To try swooshing links for yourself, just type a link into the Swooshbox below and click Swoosh:

Quick questions? See below. For more detailed information, check out the Swooshed URL Specification and How to Swoosh Links.