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Swoosh Developer Kit (SDK)

Swoosh Developer Kit (SDK) is a set of documentation, source-code, tools and community forums to help you implement powerful content delivery and media management web applications on top of the Red Swoosh platform. With the SDK you can harness P2P bandwidth, predelivery files to users, build out web-based download management and much more.

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Swoosh Features and Documentation:

Red Swoosh Swooshed URL Specification
(v1.70, updated 3/12/07)
This document presents a specification for a "swooshed" URL, which is an encoding for HTTP URLs used by content publishers to indicate how their content is to be delivered through Red Swoosh.
Red Swoosh Predelivery Overview
(v1.71, updated 3/12/07)
The Red Swoosh predelivery system enables you to quietly download content using background bandwidth, and notify the user (and you) upon completion by displaying an icon in the user's task tray that opens a web browser when clicked. Each predelivery campaign delivers a single file, and multiple predelivery campaigns can be combined in a staged series.
Red Swoosh RSS Feed Specification
(v1.70, updated 11/31/06)
A more flexible alternative to the Red Swoosh predelivery system that enables you to subscribe users to RSS feeds through the JSAPI and host the RSS feed itself. A subscribed user will quietly download the content specified in the feed using background bandwidth, and will be notified upon completion by an icon in his/her task tray.
Red Swoosh JavaScript API
(v2.05, updated 3/12/07)
The Red Swoosh JavaScript API enables you to query and communicate with the Red Swoosh client operating on a user's computer through JavaScript in a web page. Furthermore, the JSAPI allows you to persistently and securely store information on the client computer for later recovery. With this API, you can seamlessly integrate powerful client-side functionality into any web experience, whether online via your web server, or offline via our client side user interface facility.