JavaScript API-Download Management

Tap into Red Swoosh's JavaScript API and create iTunes-like download management interfaces embedded in your own web pages. RS's JavaScript function calls allow you to download, pause, resume, delete files, store and retrieve metadata directly in a web page. Check out the Red Swoosh JavaScript API for more info.

JavaScript API basics:

  • iTunes-like download management within your own web pages
  • Offline viewing of your website's content and downloads
  • Extend what is possible with media in a web page

Quick download management how-to:

Step 1:
Review JavaScript commands in the Red Swoosh JavaScript API
Step 2:
Include jsapi.js in webpage
Step 3:
Provide links to user that trigger JavaScript calls for downloads to start, pause, resume.
Step 4:
Make JavaScript status calls to determine status of files (downloaded, % completed, etc)
Step 5:
Format status information to present in your webpage with your own look and feel

You're DONE! Your users will be amazed at the media management capabilities you've seamlessly built into your website.

For more details, go to Swoosh Developer Kit or JavaScript API.

Customer examples of Red Swoosh JavaScript API: World Economic Forum.