Red Swoosh Client Bill of Rights

Users have the right to know all functions the client software is designed to perform prior to installation. Red Swoosh provides access to easy to understand information and resources on the Red Swoosh Client, what it does and how it works. We are always improving our information here, and would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve communication on our software. Email [email protected] with your thoughts.
Users have the right to know what their client is doing at all times. Red Swoosh provides a Control Panel display to show the current status of the client, its caches, and the various sites the user has visited that are utilizing the Swoosh Network.
Users have the right to have absolute control of their PC. This means they should be able to:
  • delete files as they choose
  • turn the Red Swoosh client on and off (Available in July)
  • easily uninstall Red Swoosh client

Red Swoosh provides all of this functionality and more through our control panel interface, and through a JavaScript API that webmasters can use to provide download management control within a webpage.