The Red Swoosh Product Overview

Red Swoosh is dedicated to providing zero-cost file and video delivery. Red Swoosh accomplishes this by incorporating best of breed P2P technology where users download and stream files from each other, rather than from webservers. The end result is that your site saves money on bandwidth while improving your users' download speeds.

How does Red Swoosh P2P delivery work?

A website swooshes its links by adding to the front of its video and large file URLs.
User clicks on a swooshed link, and is prompted to install Red Swoosh client if he/she has not previously done so.
Upon completion of installation, user is immediately redirected to the original content.
The download and stream looks just like before but the content is actually coming from up to 30 different peers that have previously downloaded or streamed content.
All future swooshed links appear as normal downloads and video streams, except that the vast majority of data is pulled from peers instead of servers.

Benefits of Red Swoosh

  • Websites can reduce their bandwidth costs on large files to near zero.
  • Users can download files and stream video 50% faster than from a web server.
  • With extremely low bandwidth costs, websites will be able to provide more media, at a higher quality, to users.

Swoosh your links for free, get an account for more features

Products and features covered here:

  • Swooshed Links
    Faster and cheaper downloads than a webserver. No sign-up, just Swoosh your links.
  • Predelivery
    It's like Tivo for the Internet. Deliver big video in the background for instant playback
  • JavaScript API
    iTunes-like download management on your website
  • Red Swoosh account
    Reporting, statistics, advanced features, oh my!