The Ratio Problem


We couldn't have said it any better:

"1. It is impossible for all users to maintain a ratio over 1."

It constantly amazes me how many sites require a ratio over 1 because doing so is a mathematical impossibility."

Thoughtkeeper dives into the math, but what he basically says is that as soon as one downloaders' ratio goes up, someone else's goes down.

We've found through our own research that the best system is one that maintains overall network efficiency. Just like Amazon's very-Swooshable S3 storage service, our network uses the power of cloud computing to make sure that downloads are always reliable, always fast, and never bog down your own bandwidth with all that super annoying "super seeding" nonsense.

Thanks, Thoughtkeeper, for giving us a shout-out at the end of your post. As we roll out new services and gradually emerge from "stealth" mode, we expect many more people to have their "Swoosh" moment.

Hmmm....maybe we've said too much already???

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