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The Torrentfreak Situation

Some of you may have seen the torrentfreak post that came out earlier today.

A part-time employee of ours, who got a wee bit too excited thought it would be a good idea to leak information about one of our products to torrentfreak. The product (which was internal alpha until this morning) is focused on integrating the bittorrent and Red Swoosh protocols into Firefox.

First, I am not exactly elated about the situation. Though his heart was in the right place, he was in no way authorized to discuss this product with anybody on the outside. Taking things even further he also had pretty irresponsible comments about Bittorrent, and about Bram Cohen in particular. You can read the article if you want to see the gory details, but brash comments about taking over Bittorrent “within a year” and Bram Cohen soiling himself made it so I had to respond to the story here.

So our apologies to Bram. Bittorrent is something to be proud of and Swoosh is contributing to the community.

Second, I want to say that it is not really Red Swoosh’s style to mouth off about our tech before we’ve even released something to the public. We like to have our technology speak for itself, and we ultimately try to stay out of the spotlight when we have nothing public to back up claims.

Third, I want to make it clear that Red Swoosh does not intend to rewrite Bittorrent’s protocol. We have been planning support for the Bittorrent protocol (and briefly mentioned so in a few interviews last year but instead of re-inventing the wheel, we intend to support the standard Bittorrent protocol while incorporating algorithms and technology to make a positive impact to Bittorrent’s speed and efficiencies. And another thing. . .FoxTorrent was just an internal working name, we'll keep you posted on naming when final release is out.

Well, that's what all the hub-bub is about. The foxtorrent page shows only our internal alpha but we look forward to releasing our official FoxTorrent client shortly.


Travis Kalanick -- Chief Swoosher