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Spaceshifting – when you take content you can watch in one place but instead you stream and view it somewhere else

Timeshifting – when you take content you can watch now but instead you record and view it at another time.

TUBESHIFTING – when you take content you can watch on the Tube [TV] but instead go to the Net for your streaming, downloading and viewing pleasure.

TubeShifting case study #1
Most mornings at around 6AM, I’ll get up and get my work day started from home. I’ll go for a couple of hours, and then get breakfast, usually making my way to the coffee table and turning on the boobtube. I’ll watch some mindless TV while crunching on some Trader Joe’s cereal.

Two weeks ago, just like always, I got up, started getting some work done, but when I got breakfast going and moved over to the coffee table, I brought my laptop with me. I’ve got wireless in the home, and typed in a different TV station. . . . and watched clips of the Daily Show for my morning break.

TubeShifting case study #2
At home I barely have a TV. It’s like a 22 inch screen circa 1974, and to make matters worse I barely have cable. I have the basic of the basic cable plan which is $15 and includes C-SPAN 1,2,3, Discovery Channel and about 4 international stations. There’s no DVR/PVR or anything of the sort. [I know it’s lame, I’m in the market for an HDTV, and will be signing up for Dish in no time. . .please hold your tomatoes].

One of the few good shows I can watch with my lame setup is Grey’s Anatomy on ABC (broadcast) on Thursday nights. For all you start-up peeps, you know it’s basically impossible to regularly meet the regular schedule that broadcast TV lines up for us.

Last weekend, after having missed all of the episodes of the new season, I made my to iTunes and paid for and downloaded all of them. Eight bucks, is about the same as a jack-and-coke at the local bar here in San Francisco. Last Saturday morning I caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy in a couple hours sitting on the couch in front of my laptop.

-chief swoosher