How to Kill YouTube and make $10MM in 30 days

I certainly never would, but someone most definitely could. . .

1) Search YouTube looking for semi-popular content. Look for mid-range content owned by the second tier of content owners and media co's. The ideal content would be uploaded by 100-200 different folks. Find the 100's of thousands of copyrighted works that fit this category

2) Catalog all copies of the various content fitting this category, date added, usernames adding, number of views, etc. Take screenshots of everything.

3) Contact copyright owners of this content. Either a) license content from the owner on the cheap (partial rights, time-limited rights, etc) or b) Inform them that their content has been misappropriated online, and you would like to help them get shut down its illicit distribution and get paid for damages (you can split with them)

4) Sue a few of the John Doe's responsible for uploading and illicitly distributing the content. Get subpoenas to YouTube for IP addresses and other information, and get subpoenas to ISPs to reveal identities of end users uploading infringing content.

5) Launch massive PR campaign around how you have bought the rights or represent the rights to all of this infringing content being uploaded, and let the world know that you are embarking on a massive campaign to root out these direct infringers, and intend to make them pay.

6) Set up legal infrastructure to handle and process 1000's of concurrent legal actions.

7) Don't let cases go to court. Settle with infringers for $5,000 a piece (RIAA/MPAA precedent). Spend no more than 2-3 hours of paralegal time on each infringement case and settlement.

8) Process 4000 cases and settlements in 30 days (200/day, 4 per paralegal per work day, 50 paralegals on staff). Collect $20MM, share revenues with owners or pay off licenses from #3 above.

9) Net take home pay is $10MM.

10) YouTube uploads decrease by 80-90%. All infringing content left if not deleted completely out of the system begins to get filtered by YouTube's new filtering mechanism.

11) Retire in Las Vegas and die knowing that you are hated by a significant portion of the worldwide broadband population.

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Matt says:
September 20th, 2006 at 6:19 am

You sure Mark Cuban didnt write this

If it where Markhe might even do it .

Youtube should Swoosh thier video …

Matt says:
October 9th, 2006 at 8:25 pm

Or Just but plenty of Goog Stock and make a motza in one day …..

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