Customers Know no Time Zones

Of the 3 million clients we’ve deployed as part of the Red Swoosh grid, several hundred had an issue last night. After the 911 emergency-hotline batphone call came in from a customer of ours, we hit battle stations and had a war room going down across from the Wild Orchid.

It was morning for our customer, but not for us. It was almost midnight. We spent 4 hours in a Siam fire drill - 11PM to 3:30AM finding out that a group of our customers’ URLs were 404′ing from their datacenter. We alerted them of the issue, and it was resolved quickly thereafter.

Swoosh Aphorism #103: When your customer makes a mistake, it’s time to look in the mirror.

Customers only make mistakes when you believe your tech’s issues stop at your front door. If your interface is too complicated, your monitoring not sufficient, or you’ve built a product that solves a technical problem but hasn’t adequately solved the customers’ problems. . . you will lose sleep. Don’t fix a problem, build a solution.

Travis - chief swoosher

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