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    Today, Red Swoosh offers great features, cool Javascript API, sweet p2p performance and bandwidth efficiencies, but we're only as good as the number of your users that have our client. Now granted, we have a pretty light, friendly and easy installation, and each of your users only has to go through installation once and voila!, but wouldn't it be nice if Swoosh were everywhere and all of your users could instantly pull from peers the moment you swooshed your links?

    One of the best things that Swoosh could do for the development community would be for us to find a way to get Red Swoosh on every desktop PC on the planet.

    If the Red Swoosh client is everywhere, then websites and application developers never have to worry whether Swoosh is installed, . . . and never have to worry about how to get each of their users installed. It would be AWESOME, getting instant bandwidth savings across all of your users on day 1, and instant utilization of all of our other tools by all of your users from the start.

    So the hundred-million-dollar question:

    How do we get Swoosh *everywhere*?

    - Product feature enhancements -- make Swoosh cool and desirable by users of media apps on the Net. Users could get interesting features like faster delivery to ALL content swooshed or not, or a cool plug-in to their favorite Podcatching application
    - bundle with Firefox or iTunes (doesn't that take lots of money?)
    - bundle with other apps (podcatchers, cool niche applications)
    - new business models -- Example: website gets free distribution on RS premium product for life for all users that they distribute the client to
    - Pay our customers for each client they distribute to their users

    What are your guys' ideas?
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